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Darren preserved the original conference call voicemail he received from Brown & Elias.

(Voices: Joy O'Toole, Peter Guy, and Amber Rass-Dublin—all of whom are still with B&E.)

The Crew

Darren McDaniel is a filmmaking sociologist, specializing in interview-based methods and ethnographic fieldwork. A graduate of Northwestern University's Radio-Television-Film program, Darren also holds a Master's Degree in Southern Studies from the University of Mississippi and a Master's in Sociology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville. Darren is a native of Florida, where he spent two years as a film/video freelancer in the early '90s. He is currently half a dissertation away from completing his Ph.D. at Vanderbilt.

In September of 2000, Brown & Elias hired Darren to go to Irwin and collect "real" and "genuine" footage of the town and its people. B&E heard about Darren through one of its employees, Joy O'Toole, a friend of Darren's who was a dorm mate at Northwestern. Darren contracted with Jim Anthony Rich, a friend from his Florida production days, to join him for the Irwin job.

Jim Anthony Rich is a cameraman with over 20 years of production experience in the Orlando area. He is the president and founder of Jim Anthony Rich Productions, which offers full service digital video productions. JAR specializes in documentary, ENG, industrials, commercials, and specialty video. Additional featured services include web development, marketing, and development. JAR shoots footage in all formats. In-house DVCAM production and Avid Symphony posting. JAR Productions continues in proud partnership as the exclusive motion media provider of ICE.

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